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Culture and Recreation Club

The Paul First Nation Culture and Recreation Club has been a long standing charity club of the Parkland Bingo Association, and License approved by the Alberta Gaming Commission since 1983. The formation of this club started with the support of the Paul First Nation Chief and Council, the Recreation Director, Alex Belcourt, Arena Manager, the Late Ted Koehli, and the appointed Board of Directors, with the intent of serving the community in the areas of Financial Support

By supplementing the Recreation Program in the areas of Minor Hockey, Minor Ball, Cultural & Language Programs, and other activites Paul First Nation Minors enroll in, enables the Recreation Program to provide more services to the betterment and positive growth of our youth. Also the Paul First Nation Culture and Recreation Club has amended their licsense to include Senior Hockey, Senior Ball for both genders

The Paul First Nation Culture and Recreation Club among other clubs within the vicinty volunteer their services toward the Spruce Grove Bingo, in efforts of fundraising to supplement the Paul First Nation Recreation Program, in accordance to A.G.C. License

All clubs of the Parkland Bingo Association receive an annual calender for the Bingo dates to be worked
Future Bingo dates for Paul First Nation Culture and Recreation Club are as follows;

Monday        August 18, 2008
Thursday       September 11, 2008
Wednesday   October 8, 2008
Sunday          November 2, 2008 evening event
Saturday        December 13, 2008 afternoon event
Satuday         January 3, 2009 evening event
Friday            January 30, 2009 last Firday special
Wednesday    February 25, 2009
Saturday         March 21, 2009 afternoon event
Tuesday         April 14, 2009
Sunday           May 24, 2009


Paul First Nation Culture and Recreation Club Board of Directors

President                    Morris J. Rain
Vice President             Matthew Adams
Bingo Chairperson      Veronica Rain-Bearhead
Secretary/Treasure     Vanessa Bull
Board Member             Arlene Bull
Board Member             Thomas 'Willis' Rain

The responsibilities of the Board of Directors include providing an adequate number of volunteers at each calendar event, ensuring adequate services are delivered in accordance to the approved license, act as positive role models for the community, promoting team work, and report accordingly to the Parkland Bingo Association, the Alberta Gaming Commission, and the Paul First Nation Chief and Council

The Board of Directors Invites All Parents and Participants to Volunteer their Services at the next scheduled event.
Please note that all Volunteers must be signed in by no later than 5:00 pm for evening events and no later than 11:00 am for afternoon event

For more Iformation on Paul First Nation Culture and Recreation Club, please contact the Bingo Chairperson, Veronica Rain-Bearhead at (780) 892-2691 ext 125