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TODAY IS: Jun 29 2017
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  Adminstration (EDO)

Director: Arthur Rain
Phone: (780) 892-2691 ext 110
Cell: (780) 504-7757


Paul First Nation Economic Development
"A Journey to Self-reliance"

The PFN developed their Terms of Reference, including the framework to guide formal discussions between the said parties with respect to the nature and scope of the projects involved. The parties will make reasonable efforts to identify opportunities for the PFN membership to secure and retain gainful employment whether directly with the company or by:

· Co-management agreement(s) or business opportunities

· Strategic partnerships

· Employment equity and training initiatives

· Resource development and management

Any and all work will be subject to Occupational Health and Safety regulations, WCB designation, insurance policies, and statutory requirements with respect to hiring policy.

Objectives of the Community

The P.F.N. Economic Development is committed to the on going development of First Nation's land, fiscal, hydrocarbon reserves, and human resources

The P.F.N. Economic Development will seek for business, and employment opportunities within the province and abroad for the benefit of the P.F.N members

The P.F.N. Economic Development is also committed to the P.F.N. members for a fair distribution of benefits, and opportunities

The P.F.N. Economic Development is further committed in working with Chief and Council, and all departments for the betterment of the Paul First Nation


Short Term Goals

The P.F.N. Economic Development will plan, implement, and evaluate the CEDO Action Plan

Long Term Goals

The P.F.N. Economic Development will promote, and facilitate business development, training and creating lease-holds on P.F.N. lands